RomaniaThings that you may didn`t know about Romania:

  • The name of “Romania” comes from the latin word “romanus” witch means citizen of the Roman Empire
  • Romania is the only latin country in East Europe
  • Romania is member of European Union since 2007
  • Our currency is “leu” (means “lion”) and our money are from plastic
  • The romanian parlament “House of the People” is the 2nd largest building in the world (after Pentagon, USA)
  • Romania is Europe`s richest country in gold resources
  • We have the largest rock sculpture: The Statue of Decebalus (55m height)
  • Romania is one of the world`s biggest wine producer
  • We also have one of the fastest internet connection in the world

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Romanian Traditions:

Some pictures from Romania

Iron Gates Nature Park (Danube's Canyon)
The Bear Custumes (Winter Pagan Traditions)
Bran (Dracula's) Castle
Palace of the Parliament by day (Bucharest)
Romanian Parliament (Bucharest)
Bigar Waterfall
Defile of Mureș
Călușarii ritual dance
Constanţa`s Casino
Neamţ Citadel
Craiova`s City Center
House of Parliament -Bucharest
Râşnov Fortress
Palace of the Culture (Iaşi)
Danube Delta
Braşov City Center
Happy Graveyard (Săpânța)
Huniazi`s Castle
Dragormina Monastery (Suceava)
Transfagarasan - The most beautiful road in the world
Buila-Vânturarița National Park
The Sfinx (Bucegi Mountains)
Peles Castle - The Royal Castle (Sinaia)
Romanian Traditional Easter Eggs
Decebalus Statue
Typical Traditional Villager (Valea Uzei)